How To Get White Teeth

Many of my patients ask me how they can whiten their teeth. There are a plethora of whitening products on the market, so many that my patients become confused and purchase the wrong products for their teeth. Whitening products are not a one size fits all.

Do you have sensitivity? Have you seen your hygienist or dentist within the last  year to have your teeth cleaned? Do you have bridge and crown work on your front teeth? All of these questions, and more need to be answered before going to the store to purchase dental whitening products.

There are so many ways to care for your teeth. Caring for your teeth goes beyond brushing and flossing; diet and lifestyle also play a major role in how your teeth look.

Do you smoke? Drink dark beverages? These can create surface stains that can removed by a hygienist. However, lifestyles can darken the teeth from within and no matter what you do to the surface of the tooth, it still remains dark. This is due to a poor diet, medications and possibly disease.

Additionally, and very interestingly, teeth can appear naturally whiter today than they did yesterday, without whitening. How is that, you ask? Our circulation in our bodies can change the color of your teeth. Intrinsic factors play a major role as well as extrinsic factors.

Treat your insides good and it will show in your teeth. Your teeth are like the windows to your health. They tell a lot about your level of health. If your teeth are brown, brittle, break easily, there is no doubt an underlying reason. Skip the whitening toothpaste and rinses and see your dental hygienist. While you are making dental appointments, make one to see your medical doctor too; it certainly can’t hurt.

Healthy on the inside, is healthy on the outside. Visit your hygienist and get a good “cleaning” and tell her/him your concerns. The best place for dental advice is in your dental hygienists chair.

Stay well and keep on brushing. Your health depends on it.