Genesis of Little Dental Hygienists

Every day in the dental clinic, I see a multitude of patients that do not brush their teeth daily. Many brush once a week. Some, not at all. It all starts when children are young; good habits are easily instilled at a young age.

Studies are now showing the correlation between poor oral health and heart disease, dementia and other chronic diseases. See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and periodontal disease to learn more.

Education on oral health is far and few between unless you’re are a dental professional, and/or have the money and awareness to seek professional dental exams on a regular basis. What does a regular basis look like? Twice a year. Every 6 months for a prohylaxis (commonly called a “cleaning”) is average for adults and once a year for children under 12 unless their are challenges, such as orthodontia (braces). Point remains, unless something hurts why go to the tooth doctor? It is here where things get fragmented.

In an effort to shine some light on this sorely over-looked subject, I have collaborated with the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and the National Institutes of Health to create an online children’s dental subscription program designed to motivate and educate children,ages thru 3-10, on how to enhance their oral health using games, stories and experiments.

It is my hope that through this program, children will learn and establish good healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

Each month a child receives a  Dental Tool Kit filled with all the necessary items that make brushing a success: A toothbrush, floss, stickers, a carrying case, specialized toys, information for you, coupons and more.

When children are enrolled in the 3 Month Bonus program, they receive monthly kits with supplies to make brushing fun.They also receive exclusive membership into the Little Dental Hygienists Kid’s Club. Meet Bo and Abby, the Little Dental Hygienists and meet their extraterrestrial friend, Exee, as he learns all about the mouth, what it does and how to best care for it.

Children learn through science and discovery how to enhance their oral health and consequently, their overall health. Children learn beyond brushing and flossing and learn of the science behind enhancing oral health.

The 3 Month Bonus program was designed to help children establish good, healthy habits. Some studies suggest that it takes 66 days to establish a good habit and with this in mind, children receive 90 days of fun, education and bonus…habits to last a lifetime! Saving you and your child, time and money. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth and a happy mouth is a good mouth. Good teeth, good health, and good fun!